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Garment Creation
Our fibre is used to produce “slow” clothing (it takes a long time from field to finished garment!).  The fibre is 100% produced on our own land and sheared from our own alpacas each year. The land is managed in a sustainable way to provide nutritious grazing for the alpacas and a place for nature.

The alpacas are sheared once a year in early summer and the fleeces carefully graded and stored ready for spinning and weaving by a small family run mill in Wales.  As there are twenty two shades identified for alpaca fleece, fibre colour batches vary from year to year depending on the herd make-up.

We now know that minute particles of artificial fibre from clothing is ending up in the sea via the laundry wash. Choosing clothing made from natural fibre is a great way to move towards a sustainable future that better supports the natural world.

We produce natural fleece outer wear!  In line with our “local, sustainable” approach, the woven cloth from our own alpacas is sewn into silk-lined coats by a small manufacturer in England who are proud of the meticulous quality of their work.  Our current products are Watership Alpaca cosy toddlers’ coats for ages 9 months to 2 years and ladies long jackets.

Each garment has the British Alpaca Society “pure fibre marque”.

The finished cloth ranges in colour and pattern from cream to dark brown and from plain, through speckled to herringbone. The colour and pattern range will vary from year to year depending on the alpacas sheared and the quantities of fleece.  Only the natural colour is presented-we do not dye our fibre.  Our range of coats and their availability is limited, naturally, each year.






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